Peritoneal dialysis is well recognized and accepted modality of dialysis with comparable results with hemodialysis. In fact, few countries follow “PD first” protocol for their beneficiaries for obvious good reasons. There always will be a subset of patients who will benefit more from peritoneal dialysis. Yet, the practice pattern in India shows poor PD penetration in the country. There are several reasons for this like, procedure not covered under insurance, lack of training, lack of education, local and central government policies, lack of reimbursement, etc.

What I intend is to facilitate solutions to some of these issues so as to improve the penetration of this wonderful procedure for patient benefit. This will include, training of Nephrologist, staff, and other care provider, increasing awareness among public, requests to government bodies to include in their program and cover under insurance schemes, etc.

EVENT – MMMPDCON22 (November 5 2022, Cath Conference Hall, Madras Medical Mission…)

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Thank you for joining the first 2021 #PDSI webinar # PD Dialogues. Special thanks to our speakers @vjha126 and
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Join us for an exciting first webinar of a bi-monthly webinar series #PDDialogues with

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